Thursday, December 23, 2010

Today it Hit Me!

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K and I were sitting having a wonderful lunch together. We were sharing our usual chat back in forth, where I chatter away and he grunts back.  I was watching him in awe. 11 short months ago he was a newborn who needed me for everything.  Now he is sitting in his high chair enjoying a sandwich and water, not needing any assitance from me.

When he was finished I got up to take him out of his highchair he reached up to me for a hug. I leaned down and kissed his forehead. Then came the waterworks. I had the ugly cry.  Actually is was more like a sob.  The sob of someone whose heart is being ripped out by someone who doesn't even weigh 18 lbs.  It hit me like a tonne of bricks that in just 1 week he will not be spending his days with me.

I love my job.  I am lucky for that. I have been ready to go back for some time, but perhaps that was because it wasn't "real" yet. Today, I realized that in one week our lives are about to change again.

He will be in a home daycare that I feel is the perfect fit for him. There are lots of other kids, 2 adult eyes to watch over his misisons and is close to home. However, no one will ever look at him like I do.

They won't watch him in awe at the little things (like sorting his toys).
They won't snuggle him and kiss him like I do.
They won't know that the smacking he does with his lips means that he wants a bottle.

I worry.  What if they don't find his antics endearing but rather annoying?
What if they don't see his curiousity as a wonderful gift and ask him to "fall in line"?
What if they don't like him?

Today, I want to run away with my baby.  Anyone know of a circus that is hiring?


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BratNatHouse said...

Thanks Erica. I was feeling rather...ignored. But then I noticed that many people simply lurk. I am now one of your many followers.


Mommy said...

Hi I'm following you from the Love & Hugs bloghop! Oooh I love Starbucks hehe :) I'd love if you'd follow me back too.


traceypepperall said...

OMG...and Declan and I are going to miss having you to hang out with during the week soooooo more shopping, swimming, totz and music class or going for walks...or bringing me poutine!!!