Monday, December 13, 2010

Declaring Abstinance Month

I was reminded today that I haven't posted in some time. I was also reminded that Adventures from Mommyhood is good "I'm bored" reading. This got me thinking. Of all the things to do when the weather sucks and you are sitting at home...

Poof! I have the inspiration for my next post.

I am declaring March/April Abstinance Month!!!!! First of all when the you have just about had enough of winter and that one rogue snow comes in late March...please resist the urge to stay in and "keep warm" with hubby! Don't do it!!!!

With Kingston, we didn’t bother ourselves with little details such as proper birth control, birth-dates and potential birthday disappointments. Why would you in the throes of passion? But had I, I certainly would not have chosen the month of March to conceive. In fact, from now on, I shall be instituting a National Abstinence Month during March and beg you to join me. Why? Do the math. March conception equals December baby and December babies just plain suck.

I’m sorry if you are a December baby, it’s nothing nothing personal, but you suck. And you know it. You have my deepest sympathies.

Much as parents may try not to do the whole combined gift thing, it’s pretty inevitable. There are only so many new toys a kid can handle and it’s just too much to give an abundance of presents a few days or weeks apart. Plus, it’s so freaking expensive– who can afford all that crap? Kids end up spoiled enough with the holidays alone- adding a birthday to the mix is just too much. And, much as we try and make the day all special and exciting, it ends up part of the holiday season blur.

And it’s not only the parents of the child– it’s other people as well. It sucks to have to schlep children in the freezing cold to birthday parties. Everyone is snotty and exhausted and too burnt-out to feel much like celebrating. There are no decent options for party locations since it’s too cold to be outside and the mere thought of having a dozen stuffy kids rolling around on plastic blow up toys is hardly appealing.

December babies suck.

So, are you with me? Come March, let’s remember what we’ve learned and save future generations years of grief. We’re doing it for the children, after all. I believe they are our future.

Post script: Kingston decide to arrive 2 weeks late making him a January baby which is almost worst. Sorry, buddy.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there im following your blog from my bump post! I love your blog! my son is also 11 months and 1 week and he was supoosed to be named that name!