Wednesday, November 24, 2010

What are you good at?

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So, this week has yet again been filled with activities and get-togethers. I have been reminded what incredible people I have in my life. At the end of the day today I sat back and thought "what have I done to deserve these kind of relationships in my life?"

You have all heard enough self-doubt and now, maybe, it is time for me to recognize what I do well. Aside from hosting a mean fajita night ;)

What I do well is...LOVE.

When I love you, you know it-you feel it. I am not shy about expressing my love. I am not shy about telling you why I love you so much. When I say "I miss you" I mean it. When I say "I can't wait to see you" I am truly excited. When I hug you my heart wraps around you.

Today a friend laughed at the obscurity of the way that I tell Kingston I love him. I scooped up that little man in a playful moment and held him close and told him "I love you today". It does seem strange when I put in print but here is where it comes from in my heart. I love him today. I love him everyday. But, if I tell him I love him "today" and say it everyday, he will know that no matter what he does in a day I love him each of those days. (Plus my mommy said it to me)

The second chapter of this post is about letting the people in your life know that you love. To me it is important to not just say the words but perhaps think about why you love so much. Be specific. try say something more than "I love you". Imagine what it would feel like to hear why someone loves you.

I also wanted to share something a little more intimate. I am good at expressing love and appreciatation for people. Here is the text that inspired this post:
Nat <3s K said: Well my love. U r sound asleep. I just wanted you to know how much we all love you. Blue is so grateful that you always think of his feelings and love him even when he is naughty. Kingston says he loves you bc u think of things mommy doesn't (like making sure i hae comfy clothes on instead of jeans). Gosh, that kid adores you. And I love you bc you created all this for us (and you look so damn handsome sleeping next to me. Have a great day. Love, your family P.S. Happy Thursday ;)

What would it mean to someone you love to wake up to a message like this?

How do you express your love for others?

Lastly, but most importantly...What are you good at?

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